February 25, 2017

Some Washington media learning to unembed itself

Washington Post - This year’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner is going from fizzy to flat faster than a glass of warm champagne.

As celebs stay home and some media organizations give the dinner a pass under the media-hostile Trump administration, Bloomberg just decided to cancel its annual after-party — long considered one of the weekend’s most exclusive bashes.

The move, first reported by Axios, came after Vanity Fair, which had co-hosted it for years, dropped its sponsorship. ... The New Yorker earlier scrapped its dinner-eve bash, with editor Graydon Carter saying he plans to go fishing rather than help toast Trump, who routinely slams the media as “FAKE NEWS.”

Plenty of parties are still goes, though. CNN is expected to host its day-after “hangover” brunch, where bleary-eyed journos can rehash (or attempt to remember) the evening’s highlights. Capitol File magazine and the Hill newspaper are planning to party on as usual. So is The Washington Post, which is sticking with its usual pregame reception at the Washington Hilton.

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Dave Richardson said...

Silver Lining:

For decades the MSM, and especially the WaPo and NYT, have been semi-official government organs because of their use of anonymous inside sources for many of their most important national stories.

Now this president, in his wisdom, has cut them off. The result is that they have had to develop their own sources, and hence we have a much more lively and informative press than we've had in a long, long time.

Evidently, if another link in this Undernews is valid, it's yielding a bump in subscriptions.