February 23, 2017

Police blotter: Can I ride my horse to school?

Bangor Maine Police Department - I receive some bizarre questions, but most do not surprise me.

Michael sent one my way yesterday. After we messaged back and forth for a time, I asked if his parents knew he would be riding his horse to school. He said that he had discussed it with them.

I also inquired about the distance from his house to Bangor High School. Through high tech ciphering, I determined it was well over 8 miles...

He said that he did not have the horse yet. He just wanted to make sure he could use it for transportation to and from school due to the fact that horses are expensive.

He wanted to be sure he "had a use for it."

It was then that I knew, for sure, that Michael was from Maine.

I do know that once Michael starts riding his horse to school that all my sensitization efforts will be for naught.

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