February 6, 2017

National strike scheduled for February 17

Cosmopolitan - Concerned that protests might be too easy to ignore, activists are now calling for a nationwide strike in order to demonstrate just how many people disapprove of President Donald Trump.

First proposed in a column for The Guardian on Monday, American writer Francine Prose called for a "nonviolent national general strike" that can't be "easily ignored and forgotten by those who wish to ignore and forget them."

Since then, many appear to have put the wheels in motion to make the national strike a reality, with activists agreeing it should take place on Feb. 17, the Friday before President's Day. The Independent reports that so far, much of the planning appears to be taking place on social media, without the official involvement of any unions.

At this time, most people have been voicing their plans to participate using the hashtag #NationalStrike.


Anonymous said...

A Friday is a poor choice. Why not a Wednesday or a Monday? That would be impossible to ignore.

Have the years of protest pens infected the planning on this?

Anonymous said...

The date was chosen because presidents day is the following Monday.