February 27, 2017

Correction: Views of Afghanisan commanders

We got taken on this one. As Columbia Journalism Review noted, "Gina Harkins, a staff writer at Military Times’s imprint, the Marine Times, said that some of their writers were getting caught out by Google Alerts for stories posted on The Duffel Blog. “We were duped!” says Harkins. “Because often those stories border reality. We’ve all seen some headlines and fallen for them a couple of times, until you click on them and see it’s a Duffel Blog.”

We apologize, although chances are the number is close to true. 
The past 17 commanders of international forces in Afghanistan, as well as other US leaders, say the coalition is making “real progress” towards defeating the Taliban insurgency and stabilizing the country, sources confirmed today. More on what they said


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Anonymous said...

Throughout history Afghanistan has been called the place empires go to die. Guess all those high-priced elite prep schools our leaders go to apparently do not teach much in the way of history. Hubris to have meddled with the nation in the 1970's. Hubris to think our 'real politik' exceptional. Hubris to refuse acknowledging our hubris.