January 29, 2017

Trump dump

Nearly 100 attorneys came together at DFW Airport to help those detained. 

The White House appeared to reverse a key proponent of Donald Trump’s immigration ban Sunday morning, announcing that residents with green cards from the seven affected countries would not be banned from entering the United States.

Uber pledged Sunday to lobby against President Donald Trump’s executive order targeting many Muslim refugees while compensating affected drivers and creating a $3 million defense fund to help with “with immigration and translation services.” The commitments... comes amid criticism that Uber continued to operate in New York City even as some local cab drivers paused their rides in opposition.

The attorneys general in 15 states and the District of Columbia are condemning President Trump’s executive order on immigration, calling it “unconstitutional, un-American and unlawful” in a statement on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

If only we could have had this kind of turn out of lawyers at the time Bush first let loose the Patriot Act upon the nation, perhaps things would never have devolved to the point they are today?