January 25, 2017

Trump plans to invade Chicago


Anonymous said...

Sam's headline reaffirms his membership in the fake news fake progressive club.

Anonymous said...

So long as folks can cross the river and buy their AR-15's and AK-47's at some open air supermarket swap meet with no more paper work than a hand written receipt, Chi Town is going to have a gun problem. And, so long as the city continues to make education less than a priority for its less than advantages, there will always be that ready market seeking the guns across the big muddy.
What was true 2500 years ago stills holds true today:

"WHY are the people starving?
Because those above them are taxing them too heavily.
That is why they are starving.

Why are the people hard to manage?
Because those above them are fussy and have private ends to serve.
That is why they are hard to manage.

Why do the people make light of death?
Because those above them make too much of life.
That is why they make light of death.

The people have simply nothing to live upon!
They know better than to value such a life!"
---Lao Tsu