January 26, 2017

Republicans overwhelmingly support torture

Pew Research - About seven-in-ten Republicans and Republican-leaning independents (71%) say there are some circumstances where it is acceptable for the U.S. to use torture. By contrast, 67% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say there are no circumstances under which this is acceptable.


Anonymous said...

Democratic polling notwithstanding, torture, rendition, and places like GITMO remain in the mix after eight years of Barry---and with his first two years enjoying control of not only the executive, but also both legislative houses.
Further proof the Democrats are mostly all talk and little or no action. Anyone notice the fierce opposition they've put up on Trump's cabinet appointees? It's a rhetorical question and largely sarcastic as the Democrats continue to remain in form.
National political salvation is not going to happen through either Democrat of Republican support, it is time to build alternative parties to break their hold of the system.

Anonymous said...

Many of these republican myths really expose how poorly they understand humans. A person undergoing torture will reach a point where they will admit to anything or make stuff up the torturer wants to hear, just to make the torture stop. Why is that so hard for republicans to understand. I guess they'd rather get deeply unreliable intelligence or no intelligence at all under torture, then take the time to build the rapport that will gain useful intelligence from a prisoner.

tRumplethinskin doesn't seem capable of understanding what truth is, and is enraged when the truth is something he doesn't like. What a fitting leader for the sort of fools that think torture actually works.

I've never thought much of John McCain, but he is absolutely correct on his assessment of torture, and who in the Senate would know better then him.