January 6, 2017

Political notes

At least 139 Greens hold elected office in 17 states as of the November 2016 elections.


Anonymous said...

The one pitfall Greens must strive to avoid is succumbing to the temptation of fulfilling quantitative goals at the expense of the qualitative. There seems to be too much urgency in presenting candidates who've not been fully vetted and deemed committed to at least substantial portions of the Green Platform. There's a win the battle, lose the war aspect to this. What good is it to have a Green candidate win office, only to prove either incompetent or dedicated to some other agenda. Our own experience with the Green Party has been that in the past it has been susceptible to Libertarian infiltration. And though it might be the case that Greens and Libertarians may share common ground on some life style issues, the respective positions regarding most everything else, especially economics is grossly at odds.
It is a discussion I've had with the Green Party leadership, such as it is, in my state. Their preoccupation with the short term has adversely affected prospects for the long term. It is not enough to simply present names on the ballot, those candidates must be individuals who's presence will elevate perceptions of the Greens. Some of the candidates offered up this past cycle may have had the opposite effect.

Capt. America said...

But part of the greens "platform" is nonviolence, which is a tactic, not a principle. It could be used by Palestinians to fulfil their aim of genocide. How can you trust such ignorance? "Peaceful means" is the expression that should have been used.

Anonymous said...

Capt. America,

You seem to have things backward. Israel is perpetrating genocide on the Palestinians. Israel has done most of the things the Nazi's did to the Jews in Europe in WW2. Israel restricts the travel of Palestinians, drives them out of their homes, steals their land, forces Palestinians into crowded enclosures with little to no services, denies Palestinians health care, and political self determination. Israel outright kills Palestinians. That is what genocide is, and Israel is doing it to the Palestinians.

I don't expect you to learn anything about it though, because it's been pretty obvious all along you are a racist, who would rather hold your ugly belief's dear then actually learn something or have a decent regard for your fellow humans.

greg gerritt said...

In the American political system Party's do not vet candidates. Candiates choose themselves. Often that means candiates run on their own on whatever they choose since party paltforms are essentially meaningless in our system. As a long time Green I wish Green candiates actually understood Green positions, but I also realize that in the American system party's really have no control over candideates, and just have to accept it.

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