January 22, 2017

Israel apartheid revived by Trump

Examiner - With Donald Trump safely in the White House, Israel has resumed building settlements, issuing permits for hundreds of homes in East Jerusalem.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had put a stop to the new settlements over concerns about the response by then-President Obama, who staunchly opposed new construction in the mostly Arab section of Jerusalem...

"I was told to wait until Trump takes office because he has no problem with building in Jerusalem," said Meir Turgeman, the chairman of the municipality's Planning and Building committee, according to Reuters. He added there were hundreds more units in the pipeline awaiting approval.

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Anonymous said...

Bull shit, this has been going on with near impunity all along and inclusive of the Obama years. Your reporting is turning beyond merely biased to the down right mendacious as you continue to regurgitate the DNC narrative of the day.
The most fallacious aspect of your so-called 'reporting' is the implication that matters would somehow have been different and better had Clinton and the Democrats been victorious. Regardless of outcome the duopoly, in essence, remains firmly in control and unaltered. Until there is some meaningful break away from the imagined R/D dichotomy there will be no change, and it is beyond dishonest to suggest otherwise.