December 23, 2016

Word: The Clintons and money

Jill Abramson, Guardian -Back in 1991, I was one of the only reporters with Bill Clinton at one of his early Hollywood shakedowns. I saw how he loved schmoozing with rich people, how his body language literally changed as he mixed with the ultra-rich. We were in the Beverly Hills mansion of movie producer Mike Medavoy, whose home actually had a chandelier hanging in the outdoor patio.

I was told later by campaign aides that Hillary Clinton had particularly hated the piece I wrote, on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, pointing out how the couple stitched every station of their lives, from Yale Law School to the once-famous Renaissance Weekends they attended on New Year’s Eve, into a fundraising juggernaut. She said the story made them look like “we were using our friends”.

But Bill and Hillary Clinton are the people responsible for turning the Democratic party into the party of Wall Street and their glitzy friends. During his time in office, Bill Clinton did little to change a campaign finance system that has always been fundamentally at odds with the party’s egalitarian message.

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Anonymous said...

FFS, Sam. Cancel this noise. Jill Abramson gargled Clinton Kool-Aid for the entire 2016 campaign, alternately trying to shame/condescend discussion about Hillary's copious negatives.

The Guardian has become a major joke. Don't join them.