December 1, 2016

Word: The Carrier deal

Not to mention $14 billion in state tax breaks


Anonymous said...

Amazing, simply amazing. And in the real world, the Democrats reinstate the very same leadership that fought so hard to implement the trade deals that sent the jobs away in the first place. For years Krugman was a blatant neoliberal---there's a reason he served at the Ronald Reagan White House as a staff member of the Economic Council of Advisers. He remained true to form during his years and only began making populist noises while GW was president. Once Barry weaseled his way into the White House, ol' Paul incrementally reverted back to old form again.
It is neoliberal dogma to denounce governmental intervention in the business cycle. Tax incentives are important tool, provided that along with the inducements on the one hand, there are parallel penalties for corporate behavior detrimental to the society at large. It remains to be seen if Trump will followup in this regard, however, it already stands as a giant stride forward when compared t the pathetic record of the DLC wing of the Democratic Party who long ago rejected anything remotely Keynesian--Krug apparently is no exception.

Anonymous said...

Remember all of the outrage over the tax breaks given to corporations for decades to MOVE US jobs overseas in the first place?

Me neither.