December 21, 2016

Things to do in DC on Inauguration Day

Ward Morrow

Best inaugural protests I have seen posted about. Not suggesting you do these but they are non-violent, creative, and might even be fun?

1. Ask your Congressional folks for Inaugural tickets and don't go.
2. Ask for tickets and give them to a protest group.
3. Enjoying taking up seats on the metro all day so as to overfill the cars. Read a good book.
4. Park every car your family owns in the metro lots so no spaces are left.
5. Rigidly obey all speed limits all day. Be safe out there-right.
6. Take up tables at Trump hotels and slowly enjoy your bottomless cup of coffee throughout the prime dinner time. ( but tip well, it's not the waiter's fault)
7. No one actually go to the free speech zone if it's not in yelling distance of the podium.
8. Walk very, very slowly with friends near the entrances to the Inauguration speech and people watch.
9. Get in line with friends and then leave quietly just before security screening, muttering how you just can't go in, it's just too painful to watch.
10. Spend the day helping those in need somewhere in some way. They, and we, are going need all the help we can to survive these next four years...

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