December 13, 2016

Obama won't declassify torture report

Politico - President Barack Obama has moved to preserve a Senate report on harsh interrogation tactics used by the CIA during the war on terror, but he's passed up options that could have led to declassification of broad swaths of the review in the near future.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), other lawmakers, and human rights and transparency advocates have been pressing Obama to declassify the nearly 7,000-page unabridged version of the Senate Intelligence Committee "torture report," or to have it declared an official record of one of the agencies that has a copy.

Obama decided instead to place the report in his official presidential records, according to a letter White House Counsel Neil Eggleston sent to Feinstein on Friday. That means the full-length report will be subject to public requests in 2029, which would trigger a declassification process at that time.


Anonymous said...

So much for the openness of government that Barry campaigned on, eh?
Need folks be reminded that GITMO is still up and running, and, there are still individuals incarcerated there who've yet to face any kind if justice proceeding.

Sylvia Valls said...

I found it telling that the announcement that pretty much stopped the daily avalanche of news about the torture in question was the one concerning Obama moving to restore relations between Cuba and the US of A. Not that that prospect is anywhere near in sight... considering the opposition by the eternal "anti-communist" stalwarts in Congress. But it made me chuckle since I have long wondered at the failed efforts by the CIA to kill the recently deceased (at 90!) Cuban tyrant whose ventures I supported for over twenty years (that was till I had been able to return to Cuba for a few days fully 26 years after leaving --not as an exile but married to an American...). I don't imagine Trump is about to ask the CIA how come they never got around to dispatching the man, after all. To me, he has simply been, and continues to be even after death, a great ally in every way of the cold war, drug war, arms and big pharma, stand byers in that nefarious Agency. Joseph Patrick Farrell knows who actually won WWII... the NAZI INTERNATIONAL... alive and well in Wash. and elsewhere!