December 13, 2016

Meanwhile. . .

Minimum number of Exxon Mobil-funded groups that have disputed mainstream scientific findings on climate change: 31

Rick Perry, a climate change denier and extreme right-winger, even serves on the board of Energy Transfer Partners, the company behind the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.

Bill Gates actually said that Trump is the new JFK.

African Americans who kill white people in the Tar Heel State are twice as likely to draw death sentences than had the victim been an African American, according to a new study of sentencing patterns.

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Anonymous said...

The appointments are right out of Reagan's strategy of the '80s with Clarence Thomas' appointment as head of the EEOC a prime example.
Still waiting to see what kind of stink the Democrats will make of these---they have it in their power to stonewall the process just as the Republicans have done for years. There's a reason the Supreme Court is still sitting with only eight justices. As a side note, it had been rumored that Obama expressed interest in pulling a Taft by joining the court post presidency. Some folks believe that is why he placed the justice nominations on the back burner, being over-confident Hillary would be elected and offer the seat to him. The best laid plans...