December 13, 2016

Denver cops can no longer rip blankets from homeless people

Reason - Denver Mayor Michael Hancock (D) has decided the lives and property rights of homeless people will temporarily be prioritized ahead of the city's ban on "unauthorized camping," which has been in effect since 2012. Hancock suspended the police practice of confiscating blankets, tents, and other survival gear when enforcing the camping ban for the duration of Denver's cold weather season after a number of videos showing police engaging in sweeps of property confiscation went viral.


Anonymous said...

Interesting bit of historic revisionism in the article regarding why the ordinances were enacted. It's not so much the outright lie as rather one of omission. Those videos which went the most 'virile' were those documenting the violent disbursal of the Occupy Wall Street encampments. Laws of similar ilk were passed throughout the nation in the immediate aftermath of those demonstrations. Their intent more than clear, to encumber the people's right to assemble in order to express their grievances.

greg gerritt said...

Maybe the punishment for dsisrobing the homeless shold be 10 shifts naked