November 7, 2016

Yes, you can scan that many emails in a short time

Wired - The FBI can review hundreds of thousands of emails in a week, using automated search and filtering tools rather than Lynn’s absurd notion of Comey reading the documents manually. “This is not rocket science,” says Jonathan Zdziarski, a forensics expert who’s consulted for law enforcement and worked as a systems administrator. “Eight days is more than enough time to pull this off in a responsible way.”

One former FBI forensics expert even tells WIRED he’s personally assessed far larger collections of data, far faster. “You can triage a dataset like this in a much shorter amount of time,” says the former agent, who asked to remain anonymous to avoid any political backlash. “We’d routinely collect terabytes of data in a search. I’d know what was important before I left the guy’s house.”


Anonymous said...

It hardly matters when your previous review of the matter concluded that destroying evidence, 33K emails and several devices with hammers - doesn't qualify as "intent".

Anonymous said...

Funny....the State Department just announced today that it will take them FIVE YEARS to go through and release those same emails...!

Nothing to see here people...move along.