November 28, 2016

Veterans joining pipeline protest

Independent, UK - Two thousand veterans are planning to join the Standing Rock Indian Reservation protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The day before the US Army Corps of Engineers plans to close camps in North Dakota, as many as 2,00 military veterans are expected to stand in solidarity with the Native Americans and the protesters who have endured months of extreme weather, pepper spray, water cannons, as well as alleged use of grenades by police. Protests were mostly peaceful until they turned violent in late November.

The event, Veterans for Standing Rock, is calling for participants to "assemble as a peaceful, unarmed militia" to stand against protesters being assaulted and intimidated by law enforcement.

"It's time to display that honor, courage and commitment we claim to represent," the page reads, adding that 2,100 veterans want to join the event but the event reached capacity at 2,000 people.

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