November 4, 2016

Trump doesn't even know what the GI bill is

Occupy Democrats - The Servicemen’s Readjustment Act, more commonly known as the G.I. Bill, is one of the most significant pieces of legislation our nation has ever passed. A major contributor to the post-war economic boom that uplifted our nation to superpower status, the G.I. bill provided low-interest loans, covered tuition for higher education or vocational training, low-cost mortgages, and a year’s unemployment benefits to American veterans returning home from the Second World War. Over the years, it’s been expanded and updated to keep helping our brave military men and women re-assimilate into civilian life.

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee and a man who says he “loves our veterans,” doesn’t know what the G.I. Bill is. CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked Trump how he felt about a sneaky no-roll call vote in Congress to strip money from the G.I. bill and re-appropriate it elsewhere ... and whether we should keep the bill as it is.

Trump, in his usual way, attempted to dodge by babbling about how he loves the vets and knows so many vets, and they’re tremendous, etc, etc, etc. Cuomo then asked him straight up whether or not he supported the GI bill – and Trump said no. But he clearly has no idea what the subject was, because he then switched into a more incoherent babbling about trade deals – which has absolutely nothing to do with the GI bill:
No. I want to bring jobs back to our country and make the country grow again. I just traveled. I won so many states in a row in massive landslides and part of the reason was trade. Not what you brought up at the beginning of the show, totally inappropriate. Part of the reason I won was because of trade and I talk trade and I’m the only one that can do anything about trade.

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Capt. America said...

Trump is illiterate