November 7, 2016

Morning Line

 Most of the polls are over. If our results seem rougher for Clinton than individual surveys suggest, please remember that we average polls from various sources - eight in this case. And, based on news reports, there are signs of an uncalculated growth in voting by latinos and the young. That said, Clinton has run consistently ahead of Trump in most polls over most time.

Based on the average of recent polls:

Nationally, Hillary Clinton is three points ahead of Trump, a statistical tie. This this is 5 points better than her worst position vs Trump and four points less than her best. Her current average percentage is 45%, Her campaign range has been 38-48%

Clinton is leading with 205 certain electoral votes. Another 60 electoral votes are leaning Democratic for a total of 265.five short. 176 electoral votes are definitely in the Trump column. Another 37 are possible. This would leave him 57 electoral votes short. 29 votes (Florida) are up for grabs.

In the Senate the Democrats are winning one GOP seat and have a narrow lead in one more. One current Demcoratic seat is in doubt. Four current GOP seats are in doubt. The Dems need to win four more seats (plus a Democratic Veep) to control the Senate.

Democrats have already gained one governorship and could gain two more. Three current Democratic governorships are in doubt. The GOP winning one and ahead in another.

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