November 12, 2016

Election update 730 PM

Clinton's popular vote lead closes in on 600,000 votes. She is now ahead by a wider popular-vote margin than Nixon in 1968 or JFK in 1960.

This chart shows a key fact about the election: while the Republican vote in 2008 remain just about the same, the Democratic vote declined from 53% to 48%. That was roughly ten million fewer people voting for Clinton than voted for Obama.

Three states voted to reinstate or otherwise support the death penalty. The measures voted through in Oklahoma, Nebraska and California via referendum are not expected to spark a sharp rise in the number of executions, but activists say they are a step in the wrong direction. In 2016, the United States is on course for its lowest number of executions since 1991.

Before, during and after the race was competitive, Sanders was out-polling Trump in the general election by an average of 10 or so points, whereas Clinton was only slightly ahead. His favorables were also much higher, often with a spread as much as 25 points


Anonymous said...

And just think what might have been if Sanders had actually gone after Clinton in the primaries the way he went after Trump in the general? If he'd called a spade a spade earlier on instead of pandering to her with the "we don't give a damn about the emails" kind of softball approach the whole scenario would likely have been quite different today.
Our experience from the onset was the Democratic Party old guard had thoroughly infiltrated the Sanders organization and was quite active reining in his 'revolution', keeping the burn well under control lest it actually spread. Folks seemed to be placated enough with the myth Sanders is a high road kind of guy and won't go negative on Hillary. Fair enough at the time, however, he sure proved capable of going negative against Trump. Which raises a question for a lot of progressives who find Clinton equally repulsive, for what reason did Sanders really hold back on Hillary? Other than his 'sheepdogging', it is hard to explain.
Upshot is, for many folks out there this whole campaign is one massive charade and voting a futile exercise. The Democratic turnout was down simply because a whole lot of folks truly believe that there was no one to vote for, so they stayed home. It appears the Democrats still haven't gotten the message, as such they may soon be going the way of the Whigs.

Anonymous said...

In Hillary's own words, 'What Difference, At This Point, Does It Make?'

Walter F. Wouk said...

The democratic party is in desperate need of change -- and that wouldn't have been a possibility if Hillary had won the presidency. The Clintons have been a cancer on the body of the progressive movement since they came to Washington. It's time to cut out the rot.