November 10, 2016

Election update 11 AM

Exit polls show the price of the Democrats dissin' the white working class. Clinton got only 28% of whites without a college degree. Clinton did get the support of 56% of  voters 18-24 while 53% of those 65 and older supported Trump - indicative of a generational shift still to come. 54% of women voted for Clinton.

Voters approved minimum wage increases in  four states — Arizona, Colorado, Maine and Washington — with Election Day ballot measures.

Trump paid 63% less per electoral vote than Clinton

While California has required condoms in porn since 1992, the law is rarely enforced, according to Politifact. The new measure would’ve closed a legislative loophole by giving all California residents the power to sue porn producers and distributors for profit, should the porn-watching resident view a sex scene that did not appear to use latex condoms. Opponents of the measure argued this would give anyone who decides to sue easy access to the porn stars’ home addresses and personal information ― including stalkers ― since many industry actors are also the producers and distributors of the films in which they perform.

Colorado has joined the handful of states that allow terminally ill patients to end their lives with medicine prescribed by a doctor. Voters passed Proposition 106 by a 65 percent to 35 percent margin

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