November 1, 2016

Election closest to disaster yet

Based on average of recent polls

Clinton is leading with 244 electoral votes. Another 9 electoral votes are leaning Democratic. She needs another 17 to win the election. 143 electoral votes are definitely in the Trump column. Another 97 are possible. This would still leave him 30 electoral votes short but only 13 more than Clinton needs. This is the closest the election has been.


Anonymous said...

Trump or Clinton and the election will be a disaster.

Well Sam, since you've established it as a defacto credible souse by citing it multiple times this cycle, there is this insightful examination of 'Clintonworld':

Sam, your site has devolved to a point that by comparison even The Daily Mail seems like dispatches issued by Edward R Murrow. Sam, what the fuck happened to you?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous post. Either Trump or Hillary will be a disaster.

The question is who is worse.

Personally, I think it is Clinton. I wince every time I think how many more wars she will start and how many die for absolutely no reason at all.