November 2, 2016

Black church in Mississippi burned; Vote Trump sign left on wall

A predominantly African-American church in Greenville, Miss., was badly burned on Tuesday evening, with the words “Vote Trump” spray-painted on the side of the building, an incident that comes amid rising concerns over possible violence in the final days of a polarizing and racially charged presidential race.
Mayor Errick D. Simmons of Greenville said that firefighters, responding to a call around 9:15 p.m., discovered the Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church “engulfed in flames.” Fire Chief Ruben Brown said the blaze took about an hour to fully extinguish. The church sanctuary was heavily damaged by heat, fire and smoke, he said.

The 200-member church has been a fixture for more than 110 years in Greenville, a Mississippi Delta city of about 32,000.


Anonymous said...

There's a funny thing about the South that most outsiders either fail to grasp or somehow conveniently tend to forget, that being ever since the termination of the Confederate rebellion in the 1860's the party of choice for white supremacists had been the Democratic Party. This remained true right through to the successful passage of the 1960's civil rights legislation credited to Democrats, legislation seen as betrayal to many Southerners. Point being, that even to this day many of those identifying as traditional Democrats in the South do so still clinging to the party values of the Jim Crow era. It is a mistake, therefore, to automatically assume the perpetrators of this crime were necessarily Republican supporters of Trump. They could just as easily been Democrats of the old school seizing an opportunity to advance the interests of their loyalty to both party and race. Dixiecrats remain alive, well, and active as ever.

Anonymous said...

Reichstag Fire - more dirty Dem tactics ala inciting riots at Trump rallies.

Isn't it amazing the projection of The Left? The pure fascism oozing from their very pores. Call it progressive fascism if that floats your boat - it's all the same to the bloody victims.