November 1, 2016

Biggest Trump lie of the week

Guardian - Donald Trump falsely claimed at a rally on Sunday that Hillary Clinton wants to let “650 million people pour in” to the US and “triple the size of our country in one week”.
Speaking in an airplane hangar in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Trump again pushed his hardline immigration stance and warned of the dangers posed by what he described as Clinton’s “open borders” policy.


greg gerritt said...

I have long suggested that borders be eliminated. If money is free to flow around the world, since people are more important, they should be at least as free to flow around the world as the money. We all know you follow the money.

Anonymous said...

Trump missed his calling as a Hollywood producer of disaster flicks. Imagine 650 million foreigners pouring into the country. Or a history of the US as seen from the indgenous perspective. The irony is that those who Trump, and before him Buchanan, worry about, are indigenous. So to people whose ancestry on Turtle Island goes back 10,000 years the US borders are capricious if not legally invalid. This is a similar complaint as that the sacred Black Hills are not "improved" by Mt. Rushmore. Or that Standing Rock should welcome progress in the gift of a pipeline. One of the political demands that indigenous people should impose on North and South America, e.g. a member at Standing Rock should have the right to travel and settle and be a national citizen anywhere in the Americas. Western movies show pioneers free to travel across native tribal boundaries, as opposed by native police portrayed as savages. Trump would recapitulate the Hollywood Geronimo. He should oppose the pipeline. But native american reparations should include the freedom to cross borders that Euros themselves enjoyed on the Oregon Trail.