November 22, 2016

Another anti-gay cabinet member under consideration

Independent UK - The speculation that the President-elect plans to nominate Congressman Tom Price, a Republican from Georgia, as the Health and Human Services Secretary, has sowed alarm among LGBTQ groups who are on high alert for any roll-back of progress made under President Barack Obama.

The Congressman, who leads the House Budget Committee in the House, has a zero per cent rating from the Human Rights Committee, the most influential advocacy group for the LGBTQ community. His public stance against abortion has earned him a similar rating from the National Right to Life Committee.

Mr Price, 62, an orthopedic surgeon, has above all, however, been a cheerleader for conservative members of the House determined to overturn Obamacare, the signature legislative achievement of President Obama, that is now threatened with slow strangulation.

A close friend of Paul Ryan, the House speaker who has also made repealing Obamacare a top priority, the congressman has tabled his own bill for replacing the Mr Obama’s law, which was first approved in 2010 and later upheld by the US Supreme Court.

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