October 26, 2016

Word: Gotti's widow on Trump

Daily Beast - The widow of Gambino family boss John Gotti makes clear that she would not have allowed her own husband even to speak as Trump did on the now infamous Access Hollywood outtake.

“I was married to #1 gangster and would have cut his throat if he ever said such a foul thing to me,” Victoria Gotti said in an email to a longtime pen pal at The Daily Beast whom she has nicknamed “Dimples.”

Victoria made her view of The Donald even clearer in a post on Facebook, writing:

“Hoping you women out there who have any ‘class or dignity’ remember what this ‘crude obnoxious megalomaniacal mutt’ really thinks about women, someone needs to pull him by that useless twinkie he thinks is worth gold,”

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure Mrs Gotti is a staunch Hillary supporter. Says a lot about Hillary.