October 22, 2016

Why Is Assange Helping Trump?


Anonymous said...

What horseshit. In detail:

- Wikileaks has always kept its own schedule, which includes thorough vetting all releases. This has never been in question.
- the umbrage at Assange takes for granted the flagrant lawlessness of the multiple state actors which have placed him in exile. There are similarities with how Chelsea Manning was viewed after being subject to de facto torture for a few years,
- the veracity of the documents is not in question, only how to spin their emergence.
- Wikileaks, like other investigative sources, depends on leakers for its subject matter; imagine lashing out at Sy Hersh for poor choice of topics. It's ridiculous.
- perhaps choice of a less leak-worthy candidate would forestall these and other questions.

Sam, you know better than to post such things.

Anonymous said...

Trump may have to be stopped. Pretending Clinton is anything but a lesser disaster won't help our situation. Neither will these fatuous propaganda attempts.

What happened to the old Sam who saw the Clintons for exactly what they were?

Anonymous said...

Good question, what did happen to Sam? Hasn't been the same since retiring back to the state of Maine. Which leads to another question, what's the deal with Maine, anyway? There's that goofy governor. Then there's that other 'progressive' web site based up there that's been disappearing commenters like crazy, purging supporters of Jill Stein and anyone else that even suggests that censorship is going on---or those hinting the operation has been in the tank as a Democratic Party surrogate for years, right down to their processing donations through ActBlue*.
Guessing that in that atmosphere ol' Sam just couldn't help himself, eh? One thing's for sure, this has been the strangest and most disappointing election cycle this writer has witnessed---disappointing due to the lack of apparent fortitude, resolve, and courage displayed by the cowardly left as they attempt to rationalize their absence of conviction in the name of 'pragmatism', 'strategic voting', and god only knows how many other kinds of lame excuses.
Darkness looms ahead, we're living in dangerous times, it's out of control and now it appears we're at the mercy of assholes.

*until about a week or two ago

Anonymous said...

Sam, you've become a sad old man. I hope you enjoy your good friends the Clintons.

Anonymous said...

Trump would be a disaster as president. But it could be much, much worse if Hillary Clinton becomes president.

Hillary is just like George Bush - the spoiled child of a privileged family. She thinks war is like a video game. And she is going to push Russia into an armed conflict.

The danger is very, very real. Hillary and her neocon friends are naive enough to think a war could stop after a couple of downed aircraft causes the Russian to "back down." That is wrong for two reasons.

One, modern warfare relies, in part, on disabling electronic communications over a wide area. If communications are down across the Middle East, the Russian won't assume one or two aircraft are down, they'll assume that the US has sunk their fleet and retaliate.

Two, the Russians won't back down. Hillary grew up in a sheltered suburbia. Putin grew up in the ruins of Stalingrad.

Anyone who votes for Hillary is playing with nuclear fire.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 8:46.

Don't put Sam down with "sad old man" jibes.

I hate Hillary Clinton as well, but Sam has a good heart. Anyone who regularly reads this site knows that. He deserves to be treated with respect.

Anonymous said...

+1, 1250PM

Anonymous said...

Also for 8:46:

Sam is one of the greats and hammered the Clintons before it was cool. Disagreement over this story is not license to be an asshat.

Anonymous said...

"wikileaks has always kept its own schedule" even though a week ago Assange said that new revelations about the Clintons will come out next week.
No, no coincidence at all. they just catch and release, no planning at all.

Anonymous said...

Clinton has won - no need to be skittish about building a progressive coalition against the Wall Street Dems now. Gotta start the Feingold 2020 hype early.