October 23, 2016

What young Brits don't know

Daily Mail, UK - A third of young adults cannot change a light bulb while a quarter admit they can’t even boil an egg, according to a survey.

The research among 25 to 34 year olds – many of whom still live with their parents – appears to show they are losing the skills older generations took for granted, as 77 per cent say they couldn’t fix a bike puncture and 68 per cent can’t wire a plug.

And, surprisingly, newer technology leaves many stumped as well, with 23 per cent admitting they can’t use a washing machine ...

Many of those surveyed by Poundland also admitted they couldn’t hang a picture, put a new washer in a dripping tap, decorate a room or iron a shirt or blouse.

Checking the oil level in a car was too difficult for many under 35s, along with putting up shelves, topping up windscreen wash and even mowing a lawn.

A quarter insist it's tricky to get right because 'you can't see if it's cooked or not inside the shell'; a problem for 33 per cent of 25 to 34 year olds.

Confusion has led 5 per cent to try to cook one in the microwave, with explosive consequences, and 13 per cent have tried to boil one in the kettle.


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