October 29, 2016

We interrupt this FBI investigation story for a few facts

The media, more than the FBI, mistreated Hillary Clinton in  the latest email story. The key point is that the emails were found not during an investigation of Clinton but of Congressman Anthony Weiner, who is married to Clinton campaign vice chairwoman Huma Abedin.Thus if any Clinton emails were found they were presumably sent by Clinton on her own or the State Department server, and have likely already been reviewed by the FBI. It is possible that some of the emails may be among the missing Clinton emails but at present there is no evidence of this.


Tom Puckett said...

Homework for the 2016 Presidential Election: Read this piece by

@MarteenaMorano http://tinyurl.com/MM-I-Approve-This-Message

A lot of people are planning to vote for Hillary Clinton under the impression that keeping a Democrat in the White House is the only way to maintain the seemingly tenuous grasp they hold on their civil rights. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news—and this is just about the worst and scariest news there is: your civil rights have already been quietly siphoned away from you for years now, and you’re not going to get them back until you start fighting for them.

Our government spies on us. To control us, they distort and withhold information as they see fit, and they use propaganda to manufacture our consent. Then they malign, persecute and imprison the brave whistleblowers who knowingly imperil their own lives when they show us the truth.

With the birth of the Patriot Act and the death of Habeas Corpus, George W. Bush stripped us of our privacy and our agency, and even though most of the ensuing decade has passed under the Democratic Hope and Change banner of Barack Obama, we’ve watched helplessly as our military devastates country after country, while we are promised that peace is around the corner; as our police have become more militant, hostile and immune to accountability than ever before, while we are offered empty platitudes for civilian lives lost needlessly; as our schools, theaters and nightclubs have been ravaged by gunfire, while we are told to pray away the assault rifles; as our planet is destroyed by the foolish and the greedy, while the Democrats lecture us about the glory of natural gas and fracking. And through it all, those rights that we once had have slipped further and further out of our reach.

As the tension builds, this country will become a scarier and more dangerous place. And it won’t stop after the election, even if we “Stop Trump.” The establishment knows this, and they’re turning up the pressure, because they want us to believe that they’re the only ones who can protect us from the danger. But they won’t protect us; if they wanted to, they would be passing gun laws, demilitarizing police, ending our dependence on fossil fuels, making sure we all had a right to healthcare. They’d stop painting a target on our country and ruining our economy with war. The only way to truly stop the “scary” people from turning this country into something irredeemably ugly is to stand up to them, and the way you stand up is not by giving up your power to an establishment that’s intent on feeding you to the wolves. The wisest thing each of us can do with our one vote, our one voice, is to direct this impending Revolution in a positive direction and to show the establishment that if they will not use their power in service of the people, the people will take that power from them.

A big reason for all the vitriol toward Clinton and her supporters is that she is the only “non-change” candidate. Trump, Johnson and Stein and all of their supporters—the majority of the country—agree on one premise, very strongly: things need to change. In fact, that’s the central message of each of their campaigns. But the establishment is blocking that movement, and the people who support Hillary Clinton, no matter what their reasons are for doing it, are supporting that establishment, and are working against progress. It is unmistakably a situation where a minority of the voting population is holding the rest of us hostage because they are afraid that what comes next will be worse than what we have now. They don’t yet realize that the change is going to come, whether they want it or not, and because they won’t stand with the Progressive end of the movement, they are allowing the racists, bigots, sexists and xenophobes that they’re so afraid of to steer the movement and to co-opt The Revolution. Make no mistake: revolution is upon us. The only choice we have in the matter is whether it will be fought by mercenaries, or by patriots.

Cheers, Tom

LJansen said...

Thanks, Tom. Marteena nailed it.

Anonymous said...

A revolution has to be able to survive the winter and live to fight another year. OWS was easily defeated by Cornwallis. With the airtight censorship of the media from the Oswald prosecution to the run-up to Iraq, there is not the remotest possibility of an alteration in our system of monarchy.