October 5, 2016

We don't normally waste time on the Kardashians but this is kind of interesting

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Anonymous said...

Why not run this Sam? It's in keeping with your latest pattern of emulating and regurgitating the tabloidesque swill so prevalent elsewhere. Balanced, rounded journalistic analysis seem to be habits you've forgotten about as you continue falling in line with the woeful DNC talking points and agenda. It is part of the DNC policies to banish all mention of political adversary's names in public discourse. Such are the directives issued at the onset of the campaigns---one speaks from direct experience.
Your coverage this whole cycle has been that of polemicist, apparently you've now abandoned all guise of journalist?
It is unfortunate. With media consolidation reducing information outlets to less than the number of fingers on one's hand, the co-option of so-called 'progressive' organizations by boards composed of billionaire 'entrepreneurs', and a general public seduced and distracted into complacency, the prospects for citizens of the United States to break free of the ever encroaching oligarchic bonds are approaching nil.
Speakers of truth are banished or somehow shuttled to the sidelines. This is a desperate time.