October 10, 2016

The women in Trump's life in protective stance


Anonymous said...

More like Hillary's husband.

Cheap shot Sam. The man's own family. You're better than this.

Anonymous said...


Just because Bill Clinton is a sexual predator, doesn't mean Trump isn't just as big a sexual predator too.

Women often alter their stance and behavior to increase their own safety when they feel at risk, like covering body parts they think might get grabbed. Considering some of the creepy and disturbing things he's said about his own daughters. Or consider how Trump's first wife suffered from domestic abuse by his hand. Or consider Trumps comments about grabbing pussy. Or consider how Trump is currently defending himself in an active lawsuit about his RAPING a Child.

Every woman, including those in his family, would be well advised to be careful and defensive when ever Trump is nearby. It might be part of why the Trump family women all stand like they don't want their own pussies grabbed.

It might be a cheep shot, if it wasn't so damn accurate.