October 19, 2016

Taco trucks at Trump's Las Vegas hotel

teleSUR English - The Culinary Workers Union is planning to construct a wall made of Taco Trucks outside of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s hotel in Las Vegas hours before Wednesday's third and final debate with Hillary Clinton.

The mostly Latino union says that Trump, who has a 50 percent share in the company, has been exploiting local hotel and casino workers and refuses to recognize their union and enter into collective bargaining. Workers have said that they get paid less than others with similar positions working on the Las Vegas strip.


Anonymous said...

Taco trucks, eh? Wow, talk about the subliminal.
The campaign operative that dreamed this one up is really reaching. Yet another sign of the DCC's contempt for the general populace's intelligence and perception by thinking few might catch on to the thinly veiled reference to 'pussy'.---or can it be that I've heard too many Redd Foxx routines?
To paraphrase Tommy Lasorda on Kingman's big day, Jesus Christ!
Can it get any lower?

Anonymous said...

With out reading the article I figured it was a reference to wage/union/worker issues and/or immigration...Your thought never occurred to me. DCC is a crap organization right now but this shows someone there IS thinking. Wish there were pictures, of the trucks...