October 15, 2016

Random thought

When I was growing up in the 1950s real men weren't meant to be conned by someone like Trump. It showed you weren't tough, smart and an easy prey. My hunch is that television advertising changed all that. America became driven by what was said, not what was done. - Sam Smith


Anonymous said...

Yet you're buying into an even bigger con put on by Clinton, give us a break.
Street smarts is about more than just avoiding the cons, it's about recognizing the real deal and doing everything within your power to defend and promote that. That means rejecting this idiotic lesser evil nonsense. That means standing up for, and backing, those who represent your interests. You've yet to do that this time around, Sam.

Anonymous said...

Yes, America became driven by what was said, not what was done. And that's not the end of tv's influence.

TV is the driving force of American culture, from the idiotic music to the predominantly violent programming.

A true shit-hole, controlled by the powers that be, for the purpose of dumbing down the masses and rendering them docile and accepting of the empire's moronic activities, both domestic and foreign.

Anonymous said...

Joe McCarthy and loyalty oaths were worse than Trump. To find communists you had to hallucinate. To build a wall you need only dream of restoring nationhood. After Truman placed empire before nation, the return to normalcy within our boundaries has been an undercurrent. The real threat was Wilson for whom Harding was the antidote. This year the Wilsonians will stay in charge as women exercise the
franchise unwittingly on behalf of war. The notion of mothers against war has been reversed to mothers for war, just as Marlboros made one strong and healthy.

Anonymous said...

Seems that the 1950s were a time of both relatively good Economic times caused by programs started by FDR, and relatively good government. That, and a more 'communal' thinking in society because we had been Victorious in battle over the Nazi regime in Germany, and the Fascists in Italy.

In this era, Americans demanded hard work, honesty, and respectability. Greed had not yet become the rallying cry of the Republican Party. And Libertarian Party, the Ayn Rand inspired gathering place for not-so-religious Republicans had not yet reared it ugly head.

Eventually the Republicans tired of responsible professional Politicians, and the practical need for Politicians being Lawyers just to figure out the Country's increased complexity. The battle cry now proclaimed the need for Politicians to be Businessmen. And, at the time, not Business-women.

Sure, TV had a major impact on the Economics, Politics, and Social development of our Country. But in the 1950 there were many movies and TV programs that seemed to extole many fine virtues – like all those TV westerns. I'm not sure how advertising on TV could have affected the psychology of the average American. After all, it is because of much advertising that we also have become critical thinkers, and aware of the need to read the small print and listen to the fast-paced speech in commercials that seem to spell out lots of legal stuff.

It seems that people are led less by love, than by hate. And that may be why there are so many rallying around Trump. Bad Economic times (caused by Republicans) – blame the current Democratic President and call for “Change”. Very 'Orwellian'.

Oh, Wait! Maybe you're right. Things might actually be driven by what is said vs. what is done.

Anonymous said...

What a bullshit statement. "Real men" meaning what? --not the fake homosexuals types.
This statement is wrong on so many levels I feel stupid for still being here.
Real men are like Trump and they sure as hell would not have voted for a female in the fifties so your point is ....
Real men don't need to say real men.
You deserve Hillary. That will be the only plus to her theft of the presidency.
She belongs in jail
What kind of person would think Hillary is any better than Trump.