October 17, 2016

Morning Line update: Clinton soaring

Based on the average of recent polls:

Nationally, Hillary Clinton is eight points ahead of Trump, the best she has done so far. This this is 10 points better than her worst position vs Trump. Her current average percentage is 48%, Her campaign range has been 38-48%


Tom Puckett said...

Again, no mention of Green / Stein / Baraka, and the media blackout on them continues.

Bill Maher's Real Time has failed to even mention Stein two shows running but somehow finds a way to ridicule Gary Johnson and the Libertarians. Biill's shows have become all anti-Trump or pro-Clinton, another real shame in our "Democracy." Where all opinions should be welcome; he welcomed the opinion of Ann Coulter who is rabidly pro-Trump.

Bill trotted out the capitulant Bernie Sanders this time, just to prove he still exists. He said five percent (5%) of Bernie supporters had switched to Trump but didn't say how many of the other 95% were solidly behind Jill Stein, who is the successor to and continues Bernie's work and platform.

It seems to me that there is a good class action law suite hovering in the wings of Bernie supporters against the DNC for election fraud. A settlement could include opening the debates to any candidate with enough ballot access to win, and scrapping the completely arbitrary and bogus 15% "requirement." Its not a requirement except in the Commission's mind - they just made that up. To perpetuate the two party duopoly and silence opposition. A poor example of democratic leadership.

Also, anyone who would blame Jill Stein for spoiling the election for Hillary would need look no further than the DNC's blatant sabotage of the Sanders campaign. He may have actually won the primary election on the numbers, but lost because Clinton was anointed by the mechanics that were stated to be fair but which were actually tilted towards Clinton from the start. Preselected delegates were pledged for Clinton and voter suppression was rampant in some Democratic primaries. New York and California, for example. More grist for the Class Action mill.

If Bernie had been the nominee - and there are still a couple of weeks for a big big October surprise - there wouldn't have been a huge exodus to the much more reasonable Stein / Baraka ticket. The DNC blew it, long term - who can trust them anymore? Thanks to this election cycle for making that clear. They were a little too obvious with Donald Trump as the awful ringer, and the country will be better for moving beyond these corporate shill parties.

Oh, and whether its symbolic or not, I just saw a spectacular, 2-3 second 2" long Green Flash on the Outer Banks at sunrise (7:10 am) yesterday, through a pair of Swarovski binoculars with color corrected lenses.

The Green Flash happens just before sunrise or just after sunset over a knife-edge horizon, as in over water, from a short height. From a third floor balcony, the horizon is about 10-12 miles away, so sunset over a sound or bay won't work.

I now find that the Green Flash is better at sunrise because it appears first, rather than just after you have been looking at the bright sun disc while its setting.

The sun's rays refract through our atmosphere and bend to appear Green - the Green Flash. It was really beautiful and may all your choices be as Green.

Cheers, Tom

Anonymous said...

Jill Stein is distinct from Bernie in one significant respect. Bernie was willing to criticize regime change but did not risk getting blacked out for advocating peace. Jill Stein advocates peace, which incurs banishment. Stein has not focused a counterattack on this issue, so the question of the limits of empire is left to Warbucks Trump, framed by the media as a question of Russian meddling. At some point genuine peaceniks will have to break through the new McCarthyism to challenge the national security state's endless wars, if we are to restore democracy. Stein is not a politician but an activist, and doesn't have Cindy Sheehan's single issue focus or support. She could announce her proposed cabinet to show what a democratic administration would look like, and to unite the exiled left.

KZeese said...

Trump is in a battle to get to 40% and he is neck and neck. Trump is irrelevant to who wins the presidency.

The next president will be Hillary Clinton and so we better start to position ourselves to stop Clinton's worst instincts of war and Wall Street. Start with protests to stop the TPP in the lame duck, sign up here www.FlushTheTPP.org/nolameduck. Then beginning in early 2017 we need to make sure Clinton's time in the White House is a presidency of protest beginning with #NoHoneymoon for Hillary protests all around the country at the beginning of 2017 going through to the inauguration.

The reality of the race changes how to vote strategically. No matter what progressives do Trump will still be battling to get to 40%. He's finished. Voting for Hillary has become a wasted vote. Only two battleground states remain in contention, Iowa and Ohio, and in the next couple of weeks they will move to the Clinton camp.

A vote for Clinton is no longer strategic, now we need to vote to stop Clinton's worst instincts when she is president. Every percentage vote for Stein-Baraka forces Clinton to not ignore the left. Five percent is a landslide in presidential politics and if the Greens get to 5%, Clinton will be worried about losing the left to the Greens in the mid-terms and in her re-election. And, 5% makes the Greens stronger because it ensures dozens of states will be on the ballot in 2020 and that the Greens get a minimum of $10 million in federal matching funds. This begins to build the kind of infrastructure needed to more seriously challenge the dictatorship duopoly.

Now the strategic vote is for Stein-Baraka.