October 26, 2016

Harvard students joined dining services workers' strike

Portside - Roughly 500 students walked out of classes and rallied in Harvard Yard, more than 100 students and supporters of Harvard’s picketing dining services workers sat in the lobby of 124 Mt. Auburn St., singing, and chanting—and, eventually, doing homework—for nearly seven hours.


Anonymous said...

Has Radical Chic come back into fashion?
Clearly Harvard didn't learn many lessons from the last time students deigned mingle with the little people for 21 days back in '01 over more or less the same issue for campus custodians. Harvard, true to form as the oldest established corporation in the United States, has its priorities and compromising that $35.7 endowment on something like fair wages for employees isn't among them---after all, what sort of example would that be for those MBA students the place keeps cranking out and inflicting upon society?
Perhaps we're being too cynical and pessimistic, maybe there is more to this and the scions of the upper crust might actually be developing something akin to a social conscience? If so.let us hope this is merely an early manifestation of a greater awareness, one no longer dedicated to service of mammon and war. Not holding my breath on that one. Report back when the peace movement in full takes over in Cambridge.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for poor typing and self-editing skills, that $35.7 endowment mentioned in the above comment should properly read $35.7 BILLION endowment