October 30, 2016

Clinton and Trump vs. Romney & Obama

A review of the current poll averages finds 13 states in which Trump is doing at least 5 points worse than Romney and 9 states in which Clinton is doing at least 5 points worse than Obama. In two states Trump is doing better than Romney and in 3 Clinton is doing better than Obama.


Anonymous said...

Now given the Ruskie's latest clandestine success seeding Weiner's device with 650,000 forged emails to sully and tarnish that stellar reputation of our former Secretary of State, a weary public thoroughly disgusted by the orange man's pussy escapades might find themselves more inclined to indulge that inner suppressed anarchist dwelling within, thinking 'ah, fuck it, not voting for either' and end up casting a nod third party. Could it therefore entirely possible that an election could be won due to the 'ah, fuck it' factor?
Hope does spring eternal.
Just imagine how things might have turned out if the media had given a fair hearing to Dr Stein.
We don't have to be stuck with having to decide between those two oligarchic slugs---just sayin'...

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

I have been looking at the recent Sam Smith Prorevnews, and have yet to find anything about L Libertarian Gary Johnson or Green Party Jill Stein.

Why is that?

Why so little attention to non 2 party candidates, particularly in 2016 with the pair of highly negatively charged candidates of HRC and her husband's golf buddy Donald Trump?

Also, whatever happened to Sam Smith's focus upon the corruption of the Clinton's?

Was Sam Smith kidnapped or murdered and replaced with a body double.

Prorevnews sure is not what it used to be.