October 13, 2016

Chicago Teachers Union reach tentative agrement

The Chicago Teachers Union and the Board of Education have achieved a tentative agreement. A tentative agreement is not a final contract. Members of the union will have an opportunity to review and vote on the agreement before a contract is ratified.

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Anonymous said...

It won't last. Public schools are still in the neoliberal crosshairs and the situation isn't about to improve with the election of Clinton. After all, consider that the issues in Chicago are really the product of Clinton acolyte Rahm Emanuel fealty to the DLC corporate agenda first launched under hubby Bill's administration and reaffirmed by the eight term of Obama. There's not going to be any changes for the better as far as average Americans are concerned.
Hillary was forced to give populist lip service to some education topic under pressure from the Sanders challenge, but that is now past and she is certain to revert to her old ways. Didn't she reveal as much in the leaked speech transcript where she alluded to the political necessity of needing two positions, one for public consumption and the other for business? Give us all a break here, Sam, your coverage of news and issues of concern this campaign cycle has been positively woeful and of grave disappointment. We are headed for dire times and to the degree that you could have done something prevent it and didn't due to your failure to fully cover and report on all of the presidential candidates running, you own some responsibility.