September 1, 2016

Trump less popular than public restrooms

Public Policy Polling -  Much has been made of how Trump is a historically unpopular Presidential candidate, so we did an updated version of a poll we did in the spring testing Trump head to head with various unpopula r/unpleasant things to see exactly just how unpopular Trump is when you grade him on a curve. The good news for Trump is that he beats out junk mail, mo squitoes, Bubonic Plague, carnies, Ryan Lochte, and bedbugs. The bad news for Trump is that he loses out to Duke University, middle seats on airplanes, public restrooms, and people who leave voice mails in the year 2016. Trump comes out dead even with personal injury lawyers, so that reflects pretty well what his popularity among Americans in on par with. 

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Answering machine messages are obsolete?