September 11, 2016

Tip to the DNC

Sam Smith - Hillary Clinton's visible health issues - from near collapse in mere  80 degree weather to her coughing spells - offer a hint as to how the Democrats might rescue this campaign if she continues to lose ground. Hire your own doctors to check her out and if necessary - whether because of health, polls or new controversies sending her towards a loss - have her pull out for health reasons and replace her with Sanders, Biden or Kaine, any one of whom would immensely cheer a public that has seldom faced such a discouraging choice. Just a suggestion.

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Anonymous said...

She's power mad and her campaign has most of the non-right media in the bag; an alien could burst out of her sternum and the response would be "consider the alternative."

Between her miserable, droning candidacy, the debates (where sans-entourage she will face the courtier's nemesis), and a bitterly conflicted/cheated electorate, the door is open for President Trump.

Hillary Rodham Clinton's blind ambition could deliver America its Berlusconi. Her train-wreck tenure at State earned her the handle "The Queen of Chaos," but her masterwork is still waiting in the wings.