September 3, 2016

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Minutes of the Wannsee Conference
Things Irish Protestants should know about their homeland
A brief history of bucking the system
Why Nader didn't cause Gore's loss
Gene McCarthy
Making cities black & poor
Pilgrims' folly
The care & feeding of unsolved mysteries World Trade Center Crash of TWA 800
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Anonymous said...

The full story behind the JFK assasination may not be knowable as many witnesses, such as David Ferrie, became themselves deceased. But sufficient evidence to prove the essentials of the conspiracy was presented by Garrison, according to juror interviews. Garrison's proof has held up over the years. The social networking and evidence from the scene is as well understood as as that other secret event, the Constitutional Convention. Dallas was the birth of a new constitution of secret government. What the Antimasonics feared in 1830, political murders beyond the scope of prosecution, became the national charter. Mae Brussell taught that the Dallas conclave was the Rosetta Stone for understanding the post-WWII departure from traditional republican rule of law
in favor of secret executive systems hidden from the electorate. Here Chomsky erred substantially in failing to include in the concept of manufacture of consent, the rise of the official story, which imposes blackouts on official secrets, such as the evidence and verdict against Jowers, even as MLK's birthday is recognized every year, but on condition that Coretta is not considered credible.