August 17, 2016

Three out of five Texans wan to secede if Clinton wins


According to poll results from Public Policy Polling, three out of five Texans said they would support seceding from America if Hillary Clinton becomes president.

The left-leaning polling firm learned Donald Trump leads 50 percent to Hillary Clinton's 44 percent after polling Texans. According to the polling results from PPP, only one out of four Texans support seceding from America generally. But when faced with the possibility of a President Hillary Clinton, a majority of Texans said they'd rather leave.

PPP found Texans overall have an unfavorable opinion of both candidates (59 percent for Clinton and 53 percent for Trump).


Kenneth Kaufman said...

We should let Texas secede, recognize it as a country, then invade and occupy it as a threat to our national security said...

Progressive Review,

I am surprised by the high number of Texans threatening to secede if Hillary Clinton becomes president. I'm not as surprised that Texans have unfavorable opinions of both candidates. I'll be interested to see how Texans react if Clinton wins.

Thanks for the info,

Anonymous said...

Why wait for them to secede? Expel the lot.

AgustinG said...

Let them secede. I think the ruling class in America has already shown what it is willing to do to "terrorist" states (where "terrorist" means "has oil reserves").