August 4, 2016

The liberal gift to Trump

Sam Smith - The white male support for Trump came in part thanks to several decades of liberal dissin' of white males and the desertion of economic issues that once were at the heart of liberalism. Recently it has gotten worse. Think what the currently favorite liberal phrase "white privilege" sounds like to an underpaid white guy working two jobs.

Or consider that while there are 1.8 million unemployed black males, there are 5.6 million unemployed white males.

You don't have to stop beating up on Wall Street or ethnic prejudice to open up a more reasonable view of white male America, realizing that while blacks and latinos have, on a percentage basis, a worse time of it, there are millions of white males in a similar fix. And each lives as an individual not a percentage.

The liberal disinterest in and mistreatment of struggling whites has been a great spur for the rise of the right and needs to stop. A coalition of black, latino and labor leaders could turn our ethnic obsession towards a more effective economic concern. And it's way overdue.


PlanB247 said...

What a crock of shit. I suppose it has nothing to do with Reaganism and the destruction of social safety nets since that time. And, who pray tell are these liberals who caused it all? Are you talking about the ever rightward-tilting Democrats? Or is it the fault of powerless liberals and progressives who are just as shut out of our political system as poor whites? Maybe it has more to do with a corporate owned state that continually races to the bottom financially, where everyone has to fight for scraps. Because while the liberals you castigate may be slightly better off financially and definitely more educated than the poor whites, they all are subject to the race to the bottom of late capitalism. You are barking up the wrong damn tree on this one.

Anonymous said...

And that is the Democrats half of the divide and conquer game. As long as the party are seen as a saving the oppressed from the ethnic oppressors then we can deferred action on economic equality until the current crisis of ethnic oppression is past. But there is always another crisis

Anonymous said...

PlanB, you seem to be re-stating the point that you dismiss as a croc of shit.

Anonymous said...

Identity politics has replaced class politics for the Democrats.