August 15, 2016

Terrorist cello stopped by British Airways

Independent UK

An amateur musician has said she was stopped from carrying her cello on board a British Airways flight as the instrument needed a visa to travel in the extra seat she had booked for it.

Jane Bevan, 35, based in Switzerland, was attempting to board a flight from Zurich to Baltimore, where she was attending a course with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, when she was stopped at check-in and told she needed a USA ESTA travel visa for her cello.

“I rang BA about a month before the flight and spoke to a customer service agent in one of their call centres. They told me the second seat booked for the cello followed airline policy, that there was nothing further for me to do and I should check-in as normal,” said Ms Bevan.

“When I arrived at the airport I was told by a BA steward there was a problem with the booking.

“I waited for half an hour while she spoke with her supervisor and was then told the check-in for the extra seat could not be completed because the system needed an ESTA visa.

Ms Bevan says she waited for 2.5 hours in the airport after which she was told that the flight had closed, but could rebook the flights ...

She says she has not received any form of compensation from British Airways and instead flew out the following day with American-based United Airlines who offered her flights at half the price quoted by British Airways.

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