August 1, 2016

Over 50 black organizations launch joint platform

Huffington Post

A collective of over 50 black activist organizations released a detailed policy platform  outlining a plan to “advance black liberation” that includes education reform, reparations and abolition of the death penalty.

“A Vision For Black Lives: Policy Demands For Black Power, Freedom, and Justice” has 40 policy priorities, six platform demands and a set of key solutions all aiming to end the “war on black people.” Spearheading the initiative is The Movement for Black Lives, a combination of grass-roots organizations advocating for black rights.

The policy demands include ending the war on black lives, providing reparations, stripping institutions that criminalize black people, investing in education and health reform, fostering economic agency, allowing communities to have control over policies that impact black people and making black political power a reality.

Policy recommendations proposed by the collective include demilitarizing police forces, ending the money bail system and deportations, unionizing efforts for domestic and farm workers, decriminalizing sex work and immediately releasing people convicted for minor drug offenses.

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