August 7, 2016

NAACP members call for ban on privately run charter schools

Washington Post

The NAACP has long expressed concern about charter schools, but now its members are taking a tougher stance. At their recent annual national convention late last month, members of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People approved a resolution that included language calling for a moratorium on the expansion of privately managed charters.

For years, resolutions at annual national conventions of the historic organization have raised issues about charters, but the 2016 resolution uses stark language. The new resolution(see text below) notes that “charter schools with privately appointed boards do not represent the public but make decisions about how public funds are spent,” and it cites a number of problems with some charters, including punitive disciplinary policies, fiscal mismanagement and conflicts of interest.


wellbasically said...

In my experience with the NAACP and public schools, their first priority was saving jobs of incompetent teachers of C.

Anonymous said...

Ah, once again 'wellbasically said' returns to these blogs to spread his foul bigotry.
Time to return back under your rock.

Anonymous said...

wellbadically said,

Over the years you've proven yourself to be a bigoted jerk, we see little has changed. Isn't it time you crawled back under your rock?

Anonymous said...

I believe many 'whites' have long expressed concern about charter schools. Myself being one.

Strelnikov said...

The NAACP is totally in the right on this; charter schools can chuck out the low-grade learners and the troubled kids on a whim (mainly when national testing time comes along), while the public schools have to take everybody, and the PSes are a truer picture of American youth than the charters. It's all a right-wing scam to get the public school system to undermine itself, basically.