August 22, 2016

More evidence of a generational election

Talking Points Memo -  Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump falls a distant 36 points behind Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, edging near an unprecedented unpopularity among young voters, according to a new USA Today/Rock the Vote poll of individuals age 18-34.

When asked presidential preference between the two major-party candidates, Millennial voters preferred Clinton, 56-20.

The recent poll puts Trump even further behind President Barack Obama's Republican opponents in the 2008 and 2012 elections among millennial voters. The 36-percent gap exceeds Obama's wide leads in the 18- to 29-year-old population, beating John McCain by 34 percent in 2008 and leading Mitt Romney by 23 percent in 2012, according to exit poll results collected by the Roper Center at Cornell University.

With former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders out of the race, 72 percent of his supporters plan to switch their vote to Clinton, despite Trump's attempts to lure the Vermont senator's supporters. Trump successfully wooed 11 percent of Sanders' supporters, and another 11 percent say they will not vote in the election.

Clinton's lead over Trump shrinks slightly when third party candidates are added to presidential poll, 50-18, with 11 percent supporting Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and another 4 percent supporting the Green Party's Jill Stein.


Anonymous said...

I can't vote for Hilary, she is too corrupt, and voting for her is rewarding her for voter suppression and fraud. I've hated Hilary since she came out with her managed care disaster when Bill was Prez. I will never support Hilary, she is a war monger, a liar, a murderer (by proxy), and she stole the Democratic nomination. She should be rotting in prison, not on her way to the oval office.

I never ever considered voting for Trump. I'm still not convinced that he wasn't a plant for the Clintons, his job to further discrediting the GOP, and is just in the race long enough to make it impossible for Republican to replace him as a candidate, leaving the GOP out of the race in any meaningful way.

This whole presidential race looks like a set up, and now the fix is in. This is the first time in 30+ years I'm considering checking the other box and writing in None of the above, or I do not consent to be governed.

There is a slim chance I might vote for Jill, or write in Bernie, but I'm so disgusted by the whole election cycle I'm not sure I can even do that.

Anonymous said...

How many millenial women know about Bill Clinton's serial rape behavior and Hillary's heavy role in covering it up and intimidating the women?

larry parks said...

All of this is our fault, we let this take place over generations. Now it's going to take our sweat, tears and our blood in the streets to right this ship.

Anonymous said...


Lots of millennial women know about Bill's history as a rapist and sexual predator, and Hilary's heavy handed role in covering it up. My daughter is a millennial and it is all over her various social media feeds, along with plenty of other dirt about Hilary in general. Rape and sexual predators are huge issues for millennial women. Instead of keeping quite from fear over these issues like previous generations, young women spend a great deal of social media energy calling out sexual predators, and discussing the issue.

Anonymous said...

Article states Clinton might lose 11 percent to Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson? Have I missed something?

Sure, I can understand Clinton losing votes to Jill Stein or Bernie Sanders, but for years I have looked at Libertarians as 'non-religious' Republicans - a 'safe place' place for those unable to keep pace with the Christian fundamentalists; yet, a comfortable place for white plutocrats to feel 'at home'.

Also, something I don't understand at all... is that 11 percent of Bernie's supporters now support Trump? WTF Either those people had no idea what Bernie was saying, or they are now dazed and confused. I could understand that 11% going over to Johnson (maybe), but not TheDonald.