August 4, 2016

How to get rid of Trump

Sam Smith - There's increasing talk of Republicans trying to get Trump out of the race. Here's an approach that hasn't been mentioned. One of Trump's few actual skills is firing people. So promise him a statue and a library if he talks his opponent Hillary Clinton - who has some troublesome pending scandals herself - into leaving the race with him. He could even promise Bill Clinton some time with his wife to speed up the process.

The status of both candidates would soar as they experiment with honor for the first time and the result would be to return American politics to a normalcy we had just about given up on.

Just an idea.


Anonymous said...

Now you're talking Sam.
Best plan I've heard in a long time.
It's absolutely brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Insightful, except for Hillary's sense of entitlement. A bear trap welded shut under a mountain of rubble is slippery compared to her greed for power. It's the one quality in which she exceeds her hubby.

But both exiting the race would be a feat...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Trump could be convinced to drop, because I'm not sure he really wants the presidency. Trump loves the campaign trail, but I doubt he'd actually like doing the job. Still I think it would be more likely that if elected, he would first pardon himself to avoid the many lawsuits he is facing, perhaps pardon Clinton, because they have been friends, at least in the past. Once he had pardoned himself, then he could resign because he won't like the actual limitations that the president faces, which a business leader does not face, like having to treat foreign dignitaries like real people

I don't think Clinton would drop for anything short of one of her scandals, or the Clinton Foundation's money laundering scheme, blowing up catastrophically in her face, and sending her to jail before the election. Clinton feels entitled to the office, so she will never drop out unless she has no other choice.