August 2, 2016

Establishment Republicans supporting Hillary Clinton


Tom Puckett said...

No surprise, since they are virtually one party. Well, they report up different chains to the same corporate culture.

Also of no surprise, Fox news outlets are starting to report more on Jill Stein, and one Pennsylvania Fox station reports a poll with Jill Stein at 44%, Trump at 29% and Clinton at 20%, Johnson at 10% or so.

Coverage is coverage!

Cheers, Tom

John Schoonover said...

The GOP establishment lost control of its party and is scrambling to join the Clinton Faction, the only bastion they have left against the rising tide of revulsion against the status quo. Now is a golden opportunity to create a party of the 99%, as exemplified here: Our best tactical advantage would be through the Green Party, which is working to achieve ballot status in 47 states in time for the general election.

Anonymous said...

An outsider(Trump) comes in a threaten to clean house. The result:

"Republicans supporting Clinton."

I wonder if that wakes people up to the fraud of the two party system.