August 21, 2016

A deep account of Trump

From an interview with David Cay Johnston who has been one of the nation’s premier investigative reporters for decades... He first met and covered Donald Trump in the 1980s. He talks about his latest book, The Making of Donald Trump with Steven Rosenfield

Rosenfield - These stories in your book remind me of the badly behaving men in my grandfather’s generation. They were born around WW1, grew up in Brooklyn, didn’t have much to do with people outside their ethnicity and religion. They were sexist, bigots, didn’t need or want college education. They felt if they could just bluff and boss their way around and take whatever they could home, that they were big-time successes. Am I imagining something there?

DCJ: That’s a perfectly accurate way to view this… Donald is a product of his family history, of his time and place, and of his belief that he’s a really superior person, therefore all these other things don’t matter. You either worship and recognize Donald’s greatness or he has a word for you: loser! And it has worked for him. You do things that work for you.

His skill at shutting down law enforcement investigations—I cite those four grand juries, etc.—is extraordinary. He knows when to run to the cops and rat out people, or tell them information that will help them. He knows how to use the court system to cover up what he’s done by making a settlement on the condition that the record be sealed. And he’s masterful at this. It’s just astonishing how masterful he is at it. And then he’s masterful at the conventions of journalism. 


Anonymous said...

This merciless beating up on Trump is unconscionable.

Just because he's a world-class blowhard, liar and con-man does not justify the media's foot on his neck.

Sleazoids have to eat too, you know.

Anonymous said...

And yet, for all the phantom nightmares the media tries to conjure up and demonize Trump with - he is nowhere close to being as bad as Hillary HAS PROVEN!

If you read just one quote about Hillary Clinton and this election, it's this one by Democratic pollster Pat Caddell:

"This is...the most corrupt enterprise in the history of the US about to be moved from the State Department where it was conducting its business to the White House."