July 18, 2016

Word: Trump and lies

New York Times: “As Mr. Trump prepares to claim the Republican nomination for president this week, he and his supporters are sure to laud his main calling card — his long, operatic record as a swaggering business tycoon. And without question, there will be successes aplenty to highlight, from his gleaming golden high-rises to his well-regarded golf resorts, hit TV shows and best-selling books.”

“But a survey of Mr. Trump’s four decades of wheeling and dealing also reveals an equally operatic record of dissembling and deception, some of it unabashedly confirmed by Mr. Trump himself, who nearly 30 years ago first extolled the business advantages of ‘truthful hyperbole.’ Indeed, based on the mountain of court records churned out over the span of Mr. Trump’s career, it is hard to find a project he touched that did not produce allegations of broken promises, blatant lies or outright fraud.”


Anonymous said...

Is there any government program from the past 100 years that hasn't attracted similar criticism? Trump is right in the slot for average performance . . . with this difference: some of his ventures have enjoyed a measure of success.

It's also important to remember: unlike all the 'professional' politicians, Trump has real business interests to protect and serve - he doesn't survive just by sucking on the public teat.

Anonymous said...

Trump has relied on the courts to bail him out and to stiff his creditors. If mob rules had controlled he would have been whacked by now. He owes his business success to the courts and municipal government. As well as his plutocratic bribes to pols like Hillary.